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Walk a Mile in My Runway Shoes Part 2

I wanted to tell you my usual routine:

I’m up at 5:30 AM to take my oldest son to the bus stop. We had moved out of his school district last year, but I wanted him to finish high school in the same place he has been going. So, I take him daily to the same bus stop he has been going to for two years. All four kids get in the van with pillows and blankets and go. I’m back home by 6:10 when everyone piles out of the mini van and takes a power nap for an hour.

The other three kids get to school by 8:00. I’m on line by 9:00.

In my alone time, I check for auditions and castings that might suit anyone I know. I respond to some film and commercial producers that might want to hire me to cast something, if they have a budget. I follow up on the referrals I had already made with these guys to see if they are getting the idea that I have good talent in my network and could be worth hiring to do their castings. Then I hit facebook with an inspirational message or two and field the questions and critiques that come to me daily. I look into other companies to see if they are “real” and see if showcase events are worth it. I take phone calls and messages on line constantly and often at the same time.

Depending on the day, I set fashion show meetings for charities, or meetings with producer/ directors to see if they have a legitimate film project to bring to my students. This is either a lunch, coffee or at my office.

Somewhere in this activity, I see the need to actually leave the house, so I take a shower and get dressed. Yes, most of the time I am in my yoga pants until noon. I don’t even do yoga. I put my make up on at red lights.

At 3:00 it’s time to pick up all those small people I created and take them home. One that is accomplished by 4:00, I can do my hair and drive to the office to teach by 6:00. I leave the office by 8:30 and stop by the grocery store.

I get home, check the kids are in bed, spend time with Josh, my fantastic built in babysitter. Then,


again, hit FB to see if there are any theater kids out there who really want to do film and TV instead, or I look at the “model” websites and see if I see anyone that needs my help. I read my e mails. I write. II narrow down the selections from photo shoots. I design comp cards. I view and critique reels. I add new things to the private social media network. I find more challenging scripts and monologues for class. I watch movie scenes for examples. I study my life coaching techniques to help people to not act with fear. I’m usually up until 1:00 AM.

That’s the normal day, but then there are days like today. Impromptu meeting at a video producers and social media network designer’s at 1:00. Now, It’s 4:30 and I have been asked to attend a Christian Teens Camp fundraiser at 6:00. Okay, I’ll squeeze that in. I didn’t get to the dishes or the laundry, but oh well. Guess everything has it’s time and if I can possibly be a part of something that is to benefit the teens, I’m in.

At one point in time today, I was told that people don’t believe in Model Coaching anymore and think they can get all their info for free or that it’s not necessary. I was told my idea for the Crowdfunding site seemed like a desperate measure to prove something. Hmmm. I thought I was being courageous. Funny how differntly people see things. I look at the positive while others point out negatives. I think I will put my hands over my ears and say, “La! La! La! I’m not listening to you.” When is the naysaying going to stop? l’ll write on this in more detail tomorrow. For now, I have primping to do.

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