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Walk a Mile in My Runway Shoes 7

For many years, my position has been scrutinized. People don't understand that as a coach, the goal is to enhance the lives of the students through knowledge. It may seem like trite subject matter, however, the industry does change people and often for the better.

Time and time again, I've watched the wallflowers bloom. I've watched the awkward kid become confident. I've seen people learn that it's alright to express themselves. I have enjoyed this process and feel it's been my calling, my purpose.

Yet there are those who don't believe in the authenticity of the Industry and the people within. I've been subjected to those misconceptions for decades (Gulp, did I say decades?).

I have recently taken a giant step towards what will change the face of Five Star Talent and Productions for the greater good, hopefully. I have applied and been approved for a Florida Talent Agency License.

I am bonded and approved to book talent for commission in the state of FL. For years, I have done this without any payment. As I wanted my people to do well, I just gave them opportunity for no compensation to myself or my company. That has now changed.

Gray Models and Talent, LLC has been born. Now, my company can put more focus on those bookings so that they can work more for greater pay. Putting focus on this side of the business will no longer be me volunteering my time, but will be building an enterprise.

That being said, all who know me will agree that I don't compromise on ethics or professionalism. I expect excellence from my talent. Whether I have referred them to another agency or now to my own, I won't tolerate less than the highest of skills and conduct standards from my talents. So, Gray continues to culminate those talents who are signing with us. We are seeking the best of the best. We are spreading the word that we have arrived on the scene.

So to those who doubted me, I have to say "IN YOUR FACE!" while I sign some seriously "In Your Face" models and talent. My runway girls will walk all over the competition. The choice will be as clear as black and white. The Modeling and Acting Industry is now going to "Experience the Contrast of Gray".

Hope you will join us.

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