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Walk a Mile in My Runway Shoes Part 6

Being me has an element of suspense at all times. Some of stems from being a mother to four kids. You never know what could happen. The other reasons are just the uncertainty that comes with the business. Auditions are willy nilly. You never know when or where they will show up. You don’t know if your student is going to nail it or choke. You can’t tell when the rising star will change their mind and study to become a proctologist instead. It takes a level of comfortability with uncertainty to survive in this Industry. Let me give you a little bit of the rollercoaster of the past few weeks.

I had a new office space, that I wanted to try out. I signed a three month lease and moved in almost everything. It turned out that I was glad I didn’t commit to longer. The walls were thin and the elevator shaft made noise into the room where I wanted to do tapings. There were massage therapists down the hall that were unhappy with the sounds coming from my office. We have loud music. We have fight scenes. We cry and laugh and fill the halls with make up artists and models. By the end of the third month, we knew it was not the right place for Five Star.

In the time spent looking for a new space, I entered into a time of a void. Without a location, I

can’t find new talent. I can’t teach. I get ideas and can’t follow them up. It is a very stagnating experience. It feels like things are moving much too slow.

Then, out of the blue, I get this amazing news yesterday. Madalyn Horcher, who has been starring in a new mini series on FOX called Gracepoint, was my student 6 years ago. I had recommended her to a convention type event in Atlanta, Big Break Hollywood. After much convincing, her father agreed to take her. After winning that event and struggling to break into the biz in L.A. audition after audition, she started to book some strong guest spots. Now, Gracepoint is nominated for two People’s Choice Awards including Favorite New TV Series Drama. Again, I will be in suspense about the outcome of that event. Will I have a student on an award winning series? This just adds to the suspense of the show itself. I have to wait a week to find out if she was the murderer on the show. Suspense is killing me.

Then comes the email I had been waiting for, in further suspense, for two days. My proposal has been accepted. We have a new, even better office space ( more photos and details coming soon).

The rollercoaster may not have come to a complete stop, but at least I am still giggling as my stomach drops out. The group of my Five Stars are fantastic riding companions. I do hope I can find as many people as possible to throw their hands up, scream and laugh with us.


Margie Haber, L.A. Acting coach to the stars will be in Miami in Jan. Any actors who would like to join us, please contact me as soon as possible. We would love to have a great group representative of Five Star while I meet the woman who helped pave the path for Madalyn with me.

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